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The five Cs of positive youth development in Norway
As the field of positive youth development (PYD) emerges internationally, models of PYD designed for use in the US must be extended to diverse contexts. For instance, a robust body of evidenceExpand
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Two measures of self-regulation for young adults and late adolescents in the academic and social domains
In this paper we present domain-specific measures of academic and social self-regulation in young adults. We base our scales on Baltes and colleagues’ Selection, Optimization, and Compensation (SOC)Expand
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A cross sectional study of urinary phthalates, phenols and perchlorate on thyroid hormones in US adults using structural equation models (NHANES 2007–2008)
Background Biomonitoring data shows that people are exposed to phthalates, phenols and perchlorates. Many of these compounds are endocrine disrupting compounds that affect thyroid hormone levels. YetExpand
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Cord blood DNA methylation of DNMT3A mediates the association between in utero arsenic exposure and birth outcomes: Results from a prospective birth cohort in Bangladesh.
BACKGROUND Fetal epigenetic programming plays a critical role in development. DNA methyltransferase 3 alpha (DNMT3A), which is involved in de novo DNA methylation (DNAm), is a prime candidate gene asExpand
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Using Momentary Derivative Estimates to Gauge Driver Performance
This article describes the use of momentary derivative estimates to gauge driver performance. The authors note that more emphasis is being placed on issues of automobile safety that are related toExpand
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An observational study of recess quality and physical activity in urban primary schools
Background To date, there is scant literature that examines the recess context concurrent with, but separate from, levels of physical activity. The primary purpose of the current study was to examineExpand