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Abundances of Deuterium and Helium-3 in the Protosolar Cloud
The mass spectrometric determinations of the isotopic composition of helium in the solar wind obtained from (1) the Apollo Solar Wind Composition (SWC) experiment, (2) the Ion Composition InstrumentExpand
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The structural architecture of adult mammalian articular cartilage evolves by a synchronized process of tissue resorption and neoformation during postnatal development.
OBJECTIVE During postnatal development, mammalian articular cartilage acts as a surface growth plate for the underlying epiphyseal bone. Concomitantly, it undergoes a fundamental process ofExpand
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Dust in the local interstellar wind
The gas-to-dust mass ratios found for interstellar dust within the solar system, versus values determined astronomically for the cloud around the solar system, suggest that large and smallExpand
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The solar wind ions flowing outward through the solar corona generally have their ionic fractions ‘freeze-in’ within 5 solar radii. The altitude where the freeze-in occurs depends on the competitionExpand
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Anomalously small magnetic field in the local interstellar cloud
The solar wind carves out a cavity, known as the heliosphere, in the warm local interstellar cloud, which is itself embedded in a larger hot cloud. It is generally assumed that there is an overallExpand
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Investigation of the composition of solar and interstellar matter using solar wind and pickup ion measurements with SWICS and SWIMS on the ACE spacecraft
The Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer (SWICS) and the Solar Wind Ions Mass Spectrometer (SWIMS) on ACE are instruments optimized for measurements of the chemical and isotopic composition ofExpand
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CELIAS - Charge, Element and Isotope Analysis System for SOHO
The CELIAS experiment on SOHO is designed to measure the mass, ionic charge and energy of the low and high speed solar wind, of suprathermal ions, and of low energy flare particles. Through analysisExpand
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Effects of interstellar and solar wind ionized helium on the interaction of the solar wind with the local interstellar medium
The Sun is moving through a warm (~6500 K) and partly ionized local interstellar cloud (LIC) with a velocity of ~26 km s-1. Recent measurements of the ionization of the LIC (Wolff, Koester, &Expand
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The solar wind ion composition spectrometer
The Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer (SWICS) on Ulysses is designed to determine uniquely the elemental and ionic-charge composition, and the temperatures and mean speeds of all majorExpand
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Spallation, Fission, and Neutron Capture Anomalies in Meteoritic Krypton and Xenon
Measurements of the Kr and Xe concentrations and isotopic compositions in five meteorites are reported. Experimental techniques and reproducibility are discussed in detail. In the Stannern achondriteExpand
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