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A Stable Aminyl Radical Metal Complex
Metal-stabilized phenoxyl radicals appear to be important intermediates in a variety of enzymatic oxidations. We report that transition metal coordination also supports an aminyl radical, resultingExpand
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Reaktionen auf Zimtalkohol und Zimtaldehyd
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Epikutantestung mit chemisch modifiziertem Kolophonium
Anmerkung * Teil 1: Geier J, Hausen BM: Epikutantestung mit chemisch modifiziertem Kolophonium. Ergebnisse einer Studie der Deutschen Kontaktallergie−Gruppe (DKG) und des InformationsverbundesExpand
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Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrum of the FCO2 radical isolated in noble gas matrices.
The EPR spectra of the fluoroformyloxyl radical FCO(2) isolated in noble gas matrices at temperatures from 5 to 30 K have been investigated. This study provides principal g values and (19)F hyperfineExpand
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Formation of hexacarbonylmanganese(I) salts, [Mn(CO)6]+X-, in anhydrous HF.
A convenient one-step synthesis for [Mn(CO)6]+ salts has been developed. The method involves the one-electron oxidation of Mn2(CO)10 by protons in solutions of Lewis acids (BF3, (CF3)3BCO) andExpand
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Spatial shape of electron delocalization: structure of the laplacian of the negative exchange-correlation density.
  • J. Geier
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The journal of physical chemistry. A
  • 6 July 2006
The Laplacian of the negative exchange-correlation density (with respect to coordinate r(2)), nabla<(r)2>(2)[-Gamma(sigma1)(sigma2)(XC) (r(1),r(2))] = nabla(r)2(2)X(sigma1)(sigma2)(r(1),r(2)), isExpand
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Cesium hydridotris(trifluoromethyl)borate, Cs[(CF3)3BH].
Treatment of Cs[(CF3)3BNH2] with the aminating agent H2NOSO3H in aqueous solution allowed the isolation of pure Cs[(CF3)3BH], which is stable up to 300 degrees C. Due to the strongExpand
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