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Temporally stable coherent states for infinite well and Poschl-Teller potentials
This article is a direct illustration of a construction of coherent states which has been recently proposed by two of us (JPG and JK). We have chosen the example of a particle trapped in an infiniteExpand
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Gupta-Bleuler quantization for minimally coupled scalar fields in de Sitter space
We present a fully covariant quantization of the minimally coupled massless field on de Sitter space, thanks to a new representation of the canonical commutation relations. We thus obtain a formalismExpand
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Predictive value of in vitro radiosensitivity parameters in head and neck cancers and cervical carcinomas: preliminary correlations with local control and overall survival.
PURPOSE To determine whether in vitro radiosensitivity parameters are predictive of treatment outcome. METHODS AND MATERIALS Biopsies were obtained from patients with head and neck cancers (57) andExpand
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“Massive” spin-2 field in de Sitter space
In this paper we present a covariant quantization of the “massive” spin-2 field on de Sitter (dS) space. By “massive” we mean a field which carries a specific principal series representation of theExpand
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No evidence of spumaretrovirus infection markers in 19 cases of De Quervain's thyroiditis.
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“Massive” vector field in de Sitter space
We present in this paper a covariant quantization of the “massive” vector field on de Sitter (dS) space based on analyticity in the complexified pseudo-Riemanian manifold. The correspondence betweenExpand
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“Massless” vector field in de Sitter universe
We proceed to the quantization of the massless vector field in the de Sitter (dS) space. This work is the natural continuation of a previous article devoted to the quantization of the dS massiveExpand
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22 2 v 1 2 6 O ct 2 00 6 Fuzzy de Sitter spacetimes via coherent states quantization
A construction of the 2d and 4d fuzzy de Sitter hyperboloids is carried out by using a (vector) coherent state quantization. We get a natural discretization of the dS " time " axis based on theExpand