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A Bayesian calibration approach to the thermal problem
Many of the problems we work with at Los Alamos National Laboratory are similar to the thermal problem described in the tasking document. In this paper, we describe the tools and methods we haveExpand
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Calibration of Computational Models With Categorical Parameters and Correlated Outputs via Bayesian Smoothing Spline ANOVA
It has become commonplace to use complex computer models to predict outcomes in regions where data do not exist. Typically these models need to be calibrated and validated using some experimentalExpand
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A System for Interpretation of Line Drawings
A system for interpretation of images of paper-based line drawings is described. Since a typical drawing contains both text strings and graphics, an algorithm has been developed to locate andExpand
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Parallel Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
Bayesian additive regression trees (BART) is a Bayesian approach to flexible nonlinear regression which has been shown to be competitive with the best modern predictive methods such as those based onExpand
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Computer Intrusion Detection with Classification and Anomaly Detection, Using SVMs
This paper describes experiences and results applying Support Vector Machine (SVM) to a Computer Intrusion Detection (CID) dataset. First, issues in supervised classification are discussed, then theExpand
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Anomaly Detection Enhanced Classification in Computer Intrusion Detection
This paper describes experiences and results applying Support Vector Machine (SVM) to a Computer Intrusion Detection (CID) dataset. This is the second stage of work with this dataset, emphasizingExpand
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Dynamic Bayesian Influenza Forecasting in the United States with Hierarchical Discrepancy
Timely and accurate forecasts of seasonal influenza would assist public health decision-makers in planning intervention strategies, efficiently allocating resources, and possibly saving lives. ForExpand
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Alarm criteria in radiation portal monitoring.
Gamma detectors at border crossings are intended to detect illicit nuclear material. These detectors collect counts that are used to determine whether to trigger an alarm. Several candidate alarmExpand
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A Synergistic Model for Representing and Interpreting Human Activities and Events from Video
This paper describes a new and innovative and approach for representing, recognizing and interpreting human activity from video, contributing to an automated system capable of recognition of complexExpand
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