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Induction of lung aenomas in newborn mice by bis(chloromethyl) ether.
Utilization of newborn mice in the bioassay of chemical carcinogens.
Family Stress and Advance Directives: A Comparative Study
Families of patients with advance directives reported less stress than families of patients without advance directives, and nurses need to provide opportunities and guidance to terminally ill patients and their families regarding the need to discuss end-of-life issues and development of advance directives.
The role of proliferation in the second stage of carcinogenesis.
The experimental observations failed to support the hypothesis that proliferation alone can serve as the second stage of carcinogenesis, and further quantification is required to prove that proliferation is not the essential mechanism of promotion.
Serum and serum fractions as antagonists for desoxycorticosterone inhibition of the chick heart in tissue culture.
Ten per cent whole serum, protein-rich serum concentrate, and ultrafiltrate were comparable in inducing a temporary reversal of the suppression induced by DOC.