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Trends of tactical performance analysis in team sports: bridging the gap between research, training and competition.
Performance in Team Sports is carried out through a long term and methodical training process planned to improve skills and competence required to deal with competitive demands. Despite that tacticalExpand
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Ball recovery patterns as a performance indicator in elite soccer
In soccer, it seems relevant to understand the relationship between the ball recovering and the subsequent success or failure of attacking play. However, few studies have considered the links betweenExpand
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The role of ecological constraints on expertise development
The role of ecological constraints on the acquisition of sport expertise is gaining attention in sport science, although more research is needed. In this position paper we provide an ecologicalExpand
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Shared Knowledge or Shared Affordances? Insights from an Ecological Dynamics Approach to Team Coordination in Sports
Previous research has proposed that team coordination is based on shared knowledge of the performance context, responsible for linking teammates’ mental representations for collective, internalizedExpand
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Numerical Relations and Skill Level Constrain Co-Adaptive Behaviors of Agents in Sports Teams
Similar to other complex systems in nature (e.g., a hunting pack, flocks of birds), sports teams have been modeled as social neurobiological systems in which interpersonal coordination tendencies ofExpand
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Effects of Pitch Size and Skill Level on Tactical Behaviours of Association Football Players during Small-Sided and Conditioned Games
In Association Football, the study of variability in players' movement trajectories during performance can provide insights on tactical behaviours. This study aimed to analyse the movementExpand
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Influence of Relative Age Effects and Quality of Tactical Behaviour in the Performance of Youth Soccer Players
The present study examines the associations between tactical performance indexes with quality of tactical behaviours and birth-date quarters of youth Soccer players. The sample comprised a total ofExpand
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Field dimension and skill level constrain team tactical behaviours in small-sided and conditioned games in football
Abstract This study analysed the influence of field dimension and players’ skill level on collective tactical behaviours during small-sided and conditioned games (SSCGs). Positioning and displacementExpand
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