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Barriers to Employment for Welfare Recipients
Abstract With the passage of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, there has been an increase in research attention devoted to barriers to workforceExpand
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New CAST Limit on the Axion-Photon Interaction
During 2003--2015, the CERN Axion Solar Telescope (CAST) has searched for $a\to\gamma$ conversion in the 9 T magnetic field of a refurbished LHC test magnet that can be directed toward the Sun. InExpand
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Latino Participation, Partisanship, and Office Holding
University of Arizona Harry Pachon, Claremont Graduate School The Latino population in the United States is growing rapidly, and one possible consequence is increased political participation andExpand
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Ethnicity and Chicanos: Measurement of Ethnic Identification, Identity, and Consciousness
The conceptualization of ethnicity among Mexican-origin populations was explored within a multidimensional perspective. Specifically, the psychological aspects of ethnicity-ethnic consciousness,Expand
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Latino Politics in America: Community, Culture, and Interests
Latinos have been the fastest growing population in the US over the last two decades. Today Latino political participation is growing dramatically. Still, Latino political power is not commensurateExpand
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Su Casa Es Nuestra Casa: Latino Politics Research and the Development of American Political Science
Since the 1970s, Latino politics research has evolved, alternately responding to real-world political events and demographic changes, embracing new and emerging trends in the broader discipline, andExpand
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Caribbean Migration to the Mainland: A Review of Adaptive Experiences
This article examines the incorporation of immigrant populations into U.S. society with a review of certain Caribbean groups: Dominicans, Haitians, and West Indians. The influx of these groups to theExpand
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Assessing the ecological significance of bee visual detection and colour discrimination on the evolution of flower colours
Bee pollinators interact with flowers in a complex signal-receiver system. Chromatic traits that allow reliable discrimination between rewarding and non-rewarding flowers have been proposed as anExpand
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The International Axion Observatory IAXO. Letter of Intent to the CERN SPS committee
This Letter of Intent describes IAXO, the International Axion Observatory, a proposed 4th generation axion helioscope. As its primary physics goal, IAXO will look for axions or axion-like particlesExpand
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Spectroscopic studies of vanadium biosorption on different types of carbohydrate biomass
The biosorption potential of different types of carbohydrate biomass is investigated to evaluate their application to purify water contaminated by vanadium in environmentally relevant oxidation sta...
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