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Recursive Processes in Self-Affirmation: Intervening to Close the Minority Achievement Gap
A 2-year follow-up of a randomized field experiment previously reported in Science is presented. A subtle intervention to lessen minority students' psychological threat related to being negativelyExpand
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Chronic threat and contingent belonging: protective benefits of values affirmation on identity development.
Two longitudinal field experiments in a middle school examined how a brief "values affirmation" affects students' psychological experience and the relationship between psychological experience andExpand
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Demystifying Values-Affirmation Interventions
Two experiments examined for the first time whether the specific content of participant-generated affirmation essays—in particular, writing about social belonging—facilitated an affirmationExpand
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Affirmed yet unaware: exploring the role of awareness in the process of self-affirmation.
Three studies investigated whether self-affirmation can proceed without awareness, whether people are aware of the influence of experimental self-affirmations, and whether such awareness facilitatesExpand
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The Psychology of the Affirmed Learner: Spontaneous Self-Affirmation in the Face of Stress.
A key question about achievement motivation is how to maintain it over time and in the face of stress and adversity. The present research examines how a motivational process triggered by aExpand
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Epidemiology, species distribution and in vitro antifungal susceptibility of fungaemia in a Spanish multicentre prospective survey.
OBJECTIVES To update the knowledge of the epidemiology of fungaemia episodes in Spain, the species implicated and their in vitro antifungal susceptibilities. METHODS Episodes were identifiedExpand
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Self-affirmation facilitates minority middle schoolers' progress along college trajectories
Significance This research represents an experimental investigation of how a psychological process unfolds over many years to affect success at a later period of transition, even almost a decadeExpand
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Current Directions in Psychological Science
In this article we discuss how social or group identities affect achievement. We also present a model of identity engagement that describes how a salient social identity can trigger psychologicalExpand
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Strategies for tonal and atonal musical interpretation in blind and normally sighted children: an fMRI study
Early childhood is known to be a period when cortical plasticity phenomena are at a maximum. Music is a stimulus known to modulate these mechanisms. On the other hand, neurological impairments likeExpand
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