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Searchable symmetric encryption: Improved definitions and efficient constructions
This paper begins by reviewing existing notions of security and proposes new and stronger security definitions, and presents two constructions that show secure under these new definitions and are more efficient than all previous constructions. Expand
Searchable symmetric encryption: improved definitions and efficient constructions
This paper formally defines SSE in the multi-user setting, and presents an efficient construction that achieves better performance than simply using access control mechanisms. Expand
A Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol
The design, rationale, and implementation of a security architecture for protecting the secrecy and integrity of Internet traffic at the Internet Protocol (IP) layer, which includes a modular key management protocol, called MKMP, is presented. Expand
The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol: Analysis and Applications
This work extracts and analyzes the core of the Bitcoin protocol, which is term the Bitcoin backbone, and proves two of its fundamental properties which are called common prefix and chain quality in the static setting where the number of players remains fixed. Expand
Multicast security: a taxonomy and some efficient constructions
A taxonomy of multicast scenarios on the Internet and an improved solution to the key revocation problem are presented, which can be regarded as a 'midpoint' between traditional message authentication codes and digital signatures. Expand
Fast Batch Verification for Modular Exponentiation and Digital Signatures
This work would like to do verification of a basic operation like modular exponentiation in some group by re-computing gx and checking that gx = y, and faster. Expand
Abuse-Free Optimistic Contract Signing
We introduce the notion of abuse-free distributed contract signing, that is, distributed contract signing in which no party ever can prove to a third party that he is capable of choosing whether toExpand
A Sublinear Time Distributed Algorithm for Minimum-Weight Spanning Trees
It is proposed that a more sensitive parameter is the network's diameter $\Diam$, which is demonstrated in the paper by providing a distributed minimum-weight spanning tree algorithm whose time complexity is sublinear in n, but linear in $\ Diam$. Expand
Abuse-Free Multi-party Contract Signing
This work constructs an efficient general multi-party optimistic contract-singing protocol that is abuse-free, meaning that at no point can a participant prove to others that he is capable of choosing whether to validate or invalidate the contract. Expand