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Influence of sewage pollution on a rocky intertidal community dominated by the mytilid Brachidontes rodriguezi
The characteristic Brachidontes rodriguezi community was absent from the highly polluted intertidal area surrounding a sewage outfall at Quequen (Argentina). It began to recover in lower tidal levelsExpand
Overgrowth competition in an assemblage of encrusting bryozoans settled on artificial substrata
Patterns of intraand interspecific competition on artificial substrata were studled in Patagonia, in an epifaunal community composed of 19 species of bryozoans, 4 spirorbid polychaetes and 1 colonial tunicate, finding Colony size was found to be an important factor influencing the outcome only in encounters between species with similar competitive abilities. Expand
Growth of the pulmonate limpet Siphonaria lessoni (Blainville) in a rocky intertidal area affected by sewage pollution
Growth of Siphonaria lessoni (Blainville) was studied at two rocky intertidal sites near Quequen, Argentina and a positive correlation between growth and mortality rates was observed. Expand
Intertidal and Subtidal Fouling Assemblages in a Patagonian Harbour (Argentina, Southwest Atlantic)
The composition of the early stages of intertidal and subtidal fouling assemblages in Comodoro Rivadavia harbour and the influence of shore level and season on their structure were analysed. Expand
Observations on activity pattern and resting site fidelity in the pulmonate limpet Siphonaria lessoni
Foraging movements of S. Lessoni in Carballido occurred exclusively during ebbing tides, both by day and night, and the importance of desiccation stress and dislodgement by wave action as factor determining the activity pattern is discussed. Expand
A new bryozoan genus from the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
  • J. Gappa
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  • 1 September 1986
Brettiopsis gen.nov. is erected within the family Scrupariidae. Its affinities with the genera Brettia, Leiosalpinx, Brettiella, Bugulella and Scruparia are briefly discussed. Its type species,Expand