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Financial Competitiveness of Macau in Comparison with Other Gaming Destinations
This paper analyzes the financial competitiveness of the Macau gaming industry vis-a-vis its counterparts in North America and Europe. The analysis covers casino product structure, revenue
Mathematical analyses of casino rebate systems for VIP gambling
In Macao, the VIP gaming revenue accounts for over two thirds of the total gaming revenue. Since the VIP gaming market is highly competitive, several incentives such as rebates are used to attract
Is Lottery Demand Driven by Effective Price? Evidence from the China Lottery Industry
There has been a long debate on whether the expected utility model can explain lottery purchase decision under uncertainty. The traditional strand of research, named the effective price approach,
What drives lottery demand? Evidence from China's lottery practice
As governments draw increasing revenues from the lottery industry, it has become academically important, as well as for policy purposes, to better understand the factors that can explain lottery