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Nutritional evaluation of fruit and vegetable waste as feedstuff for diets of lactating Holstein cows.
Results showed that FV can be used as a dietary ingredient for high-yield lactating cows without detriment in the milk yield and with improvement in the Milk quality, the main impact of these results is the alternative generated for the improvement of the environment. Expand
Supplementation with bypass fat in silvopastoral systems diminishes the ratio of milk saturated/unsaturated fatty acids
There was a significant decrease in the amount of saturated fatty acid in both experiments while the unsaturated fat increased significantly in experiment 1 and remained stable in experiment 2, thus improving the saturated/unsaturated ratio without a negative effect on total milk yield in fat or protein. Expand
Quantitative and nutritional characterization of fruit and vegetable waste from marketplace: a potential use as bovine feedstuff?
FV represents a potential feedstuff for bovine feeding, and its recycling could avoid the discharge of a large amount of waste to landfills, which would minimize its environmental impact. Expand