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Platelet thrombopathy in asthmatic patients with elevated immunoglobulin e.
Cross-sectional study of platinum salts sensitization among precious metals refinery workers.
The findings indicate that cigarette smoking may be a risk factor for the development of platinum salts allergy and the importance of regular medical monitoring so that sensitized workers can be removed from exposure before they develop long-term health problems.
Seasonal population structure of house dust mites, Dermatophagoides SPP. (acari: Pyroglyphidae).
It is hypothesized that house dust mite populations survive dry winter months in homes as desiccation-resistant pharate tritonymphs, and this life stage provides the major source of breeding mites for population growth in the spring.
Isolation and characterization of high endothelial cell lines derived from mouse lymph nodes
Two long-term cultured cell lines were established from BALB/c mouse axillary and cervical lymph nodes that exhibited a combination of functional, morphological, and phenotypic characteristics consistent only with high endothelial venule cells that retained the functions of tubule formation, lymphocyte adhesion, and promotion of lymphocyte migration.