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Which resources matter the most to firm success? An exploratory study of resource-based theory
Abstract The resource-based view of the firm (RBV) is one of the most important areas of research content to emerge in the field of strategic management in the last decade. The RBV posits that aExpand
Building corporate social responsibility into strategy
Purpose – This paper seeks to explore how corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be effectively built into firm strategy.Design/methodology/approach – By drawing upon classic work in the field,Expand
Firm factors, industry structure and performance variation: New empirical evidence to a classic debate
The quest to understand the determinants of performance has created a bifurcated view. On one side of the debate are the structural characteristics of industries. On the other side of the debate areExpand
Drivers of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Formal Strategic Planning and Firm Culture
Scholars have paid considerable attention to studying the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and firm performance. Yet, little empirical research demonstrates what actuallyExpand
Corporate social responsibility strategy: strategic options, global considerations
Purpose – To further the dialogue on corporate strategy and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Specifically, to describe four options with respect to CSR strategies and to offer points ofExpand
This study sought to investigate if there is a link between women on boards of directors and corporate sustainability. Using a sample of publicly listed firms from Australia, the results suggest someExpand
Do customer satisfaction and reputation mediate the CSR–FP link? Evidence from Australia
Direct tests between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and firm performance (FP) have been argued to be spurious. Following this line of argument, the present study tests a mediated model inExpand
How does corporate social responsibility benefit firms? Evidence from Australia
Purpose – There is a small but growing body of empirical research examining benefits of corporate social responsibility (CSR) beyond traditional, accounting‐based financial benefits. To extend thisExpand
Customer relationship leadership: a leadership and motivation model for the twenty‐first century business
Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a new management concept ‐ a new approach ‐ to managing customers. CRM is about the management of technology, processes, information resources, and peopleExpand
Is Board Gender Diversity Linked to Financial Performance? The Mediating Mechanism of CSR
The evidence for a positive, direct link between the representation of women on boards of directors and financial performance is tenuous. Given the importance of the gender diversity–financialExpand