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Are All Migrants Really Worse Off in Urban Labour Markets? New Empirical Evidence from China
The rapid and massive increase in rural-to-urban worker flows to the coast of China has drawn recent attention to the welfare of migrants working in urban regions, particularly to their workingExpand
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A global approach to mineral nutrition based on the growth needs of seedlings produced in forest tree nurseries
The nutrition of seedlings is a constant preoccupation for nurserymen. They must regularly define and adjust their fertilization schedules in relation to the species, age, and seedling phenology.Expand
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"Stay with us"? Emigration and the labour market in Honduras
Previous research has argued that migration forms an essential component to economic convergence between countries, particularly through the labour market. This paper contributes to the debate on theExpand
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Tackling the policy challenges of migration : regulation, integration, development
This book contributes to the current debate on migration policy, focusing on three main elements in the standard migration policy dialogue: the regulation of flows, the integration of immigrants andExpand
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Integrating Data Mining Techniques with Intrusion Detection Methods
We propose to use some of the feature reduction and selection tech­ niques commonly used in data mining applications to reduce the computational and storage requirements of the intrusion detection methods. Expand
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Are migrants discriminated against in Chinese urban labour markets?
We use a nationally representative survey to investigate the incidence of discrimination against internal migrant workers in urban China, considering both migrants from rural areas (rural migrants)Expand
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“Stay With Us?” The Impact of Emigration on Wages in Honduras
While the econometric literature on the impact of immigration on labour markets is well developed, there is a striking gap in the migration literature concerning the impact of emigration on sendingExpand
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Moving Out of Bad Jobs
One way for the poor to improve their living standards is to move from bad jobs to better ones. That can involve switching within sectors, between them, or from one place to another. This mobility isExpand
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Energy cost of the case Western reserve standing neuroprosthesis.
OBJECTIVE To determine the oxygen consumption of a person with C7 American Spinal Injury Association (ASIA) grade B tetraplegia using the Case Western Reserve/Veterans Administration (CWRU/VA)Expand
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Use of the Case Western Reserve/Veterans Administration neuroprosthesis for exercise, standing and transfers by a paraplegic subject
Functional electric stimulation (FES) is a technology that may allow patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) to transfer stand and walk. This paper reports upon the use of the Case Western ReserveExpand
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