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Adipocyte iron regulates adiponectin and insulin sensitivity.
Iron overload is associated with increased diabetes risk. We therefore investigated the effect of iron on adiponectin, an insulin-sensitizing adipokine that is decreased in diabetic patients. InExpand
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Molecular basis for RNA kink-turn recognition by the h15.5K small RNP protein.
The interaction between box C/D small nucleolar (sno)RNAs and the 15.5K protein nucleates snoRNP assembly. Many eukaryotic snoRNAs contain two potential binding sites for this protein, only one ofExpand
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Experimental validation of a rate-based model for CO2 capture using an AMP solution
Abstract Detailed experimental data, including temperature profiles over the absorber, for a carbon dioxide (CO2) absorber with structured packing in an integrated laboratory pilot plant using anExpand
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Adipocyte iron regulates leptin and food intake.
Dietary iron supplementation is associated with increased appetite. Here, we investigated the effect of iron on the hormone leptin, which regulates food intake and energy homeostasis. Serum ferritinExpand
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Increased Glucose Disposal and AMP-dependent Kinase Signaling in a Mouse Model of Hemochromatosis*
Hereditary hemochromatosis is an inherited disorder of increased iron absorption that can result in cirrhosis, diabetes, and other morbidities. We have investigated the mechanisms underlyingExpand
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Transportation fuels from biomass fast pyrolysis, catalytic hydrodeoxygenation, and catalytic fast hydropyrolysis
Abstract This review presents and discusses the progress in combining fast pyrolysis and catalytic hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) to produce liquid fuel from solid, lignocellulosic biomass. Fast pyrolysisExpand
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Modeling of CO2 absorber using an AMP solution
An explicit model for carbon dioxide (CO2) solubility in an aqueous solution of 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (AMP) has been proposed and an expression for the heat of absorption of CO2 has beenExpand
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Pediatric urinary stone composition in the United States.
PURPOSE The incidence of urolithiasis in children is increasing. However, stone composition studies in this population are limited. We sought to determine the effects of age, gender and geographicalExpand
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CO2 Capture from Coal Fired Power Plants
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Hydrogen assisted catalytic biomass pyrolysis. Effect of temperature and pressure
Abstract Beech wood has been converted into a mixture of oxygen-free naphtha and diesel boiling point range hydrocarbons by using catalytic hydropyrolysis in a fluid bed reactor with a CoMoS/MgAl2O4Expand
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