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Physicochemical properties and X-ray structural studies of the trigonal polymorph of carbamazepine.
The trigonal polymorph of carbamazepine (alpha-carbamazepine) was obtained by crystallization from a number of solvents. It was characterized by means of differential scanning calorimetry,Expand
Structure-Solubility Relationship and Thermal Decomposition of Furosemide
Furosemide, a high ceiling diuretic, decomposes on heating and is very sparingly soluble in water. The aim of this study was to identify the thermal decomposition product(s) of furosemide and toExpand
Zero-order release of theophylline from a core-in-cup tablet in sequenced simulated gastric and intestinal fluid.
Core-in-cup tablets containing theophylline were evaluated for their dissolution characteristics in sequenced simulated gastric fluid (SGF) followed by simulated intestinalfluid (SIF). Core-in-cupExpand
A study of the changes during heating of paracetamol.
The orthorhombic form of paracetamol has been shown to exhibit greater compressibility and faster dissolution than the monoclinic form. The orthorhombic form is produced by melting of monoclinicExpand
Physical characterization of two oxyphenbutazone pseudopolymorphs.
Two pseudopolymorphic forms of oxyphenbutazone, a benzene solvate (Solvate B) and a cyclohexane solvate (Solvate C), were prepared by recrystallization from benzene and cyclohexane, respectively. TheExpand
Physical and structural comparison of oxyphenbutazone monohydrate and anhydrate.
Two crystal forms of oxyphenbutazone (a monohydrate and an anhydrate) were prepared by recrystallization. The forms were characterized by means of differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetry,Expand
Physicochemical Stability of Compounded Creams Containing a-Hydroxy Acids.
The stability of creams containing the a-hydroxy acids (AHAs), lactic acid and glycolic acid, extemporaneously added to aqueous cream, BP or hydrophilic oinment, USP and subjected to five freeze-thawExpand
Pharmacokinetic evaluation in dogs of theophylline in a novel zero‐order release core‐in‐cup tablet
A new core‐in‐cup tablet that is manufactured from a novel adjustable punch, has been formulated and evaluated for its ability to release with subsequent absorption of theophylline via a zero‐orderExpand
The measurement of mixture homogeneity and dissolution to predict the degree of drug agglomerate breakdown achieved through powder mixing.
Interactive mixing of agglomerates of small, cohesive particles with coarse carrier particles facilitate the deaggregation of agglomerates. In this study dispersion of agglomerates of microfineExpand
Laying Down Your Life for Your Friends: Some Reflections on the Historicity of John 15: 13
ABSTRACT In John 15: 13, love is explained by Jesus by referring to somebody laying down his life for his friend. This is not a typical Jewish idea, but is attested in Hellenism. The possibility ofExpand