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Web Journalism: Practice and Promise of a New Medium
From the Publisher: Journalism on the Web explores the current practices and future possibilities of Web journalism and examines the characteristics of the Web that distinguish it from traditionalExpand
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Social Predispositions for the Development of Sense of Community
The study examined whether two types of social variables set the stage for the development of sense of community in 236 adults (91 men, 145 women) from 41 of the 67 counties in Alabama. MultipleExpand
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The Media in America: A History
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The Third-Party Challenge of 1980: News Coverage of the Presidential Candidates
,Third-party presidential candidacies pose numerous challenges for journalists charged with covering election campaigns. The system developed by America for electing presidents is not readilyExpand
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Infographics: A Journalist's Guide
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Coverage of 1984 Presidential Campaign
.The 1980 presidential election campaign presented journalists with a variety of interesting circumstances: a weakened president fighting for political survival and leading a torn and reluctantExpand
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Incumbency and News Coverage of the 1980 Presidential Election Campaign
the enduring myths of the American political system. Incumbents enjoy many advantages in running for election which challengers do not have. Much of the evidence we have about incumbency supportsExpand
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The Conservative South?
The idea that the South is a conservative area is one of the fixtures on the American political landscape. Questions remain, however, whether the picture of the conservative South provides a completeExpand
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Writing for The Mass media -6/E.
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