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Teleparallel Gravity: An Introduction
From the Content: Basic Notions.- Linear Frames and Tetrads.- Connections.- Gauge Theories and Gravitation.- The Gauge Tenets.- General Relativity.- Gravitation and the Gauge Paradigm.- FundamentalsExpand
Teleparallel Theories of Gravity: Illuminating a Fully Invariant Approach
Teleparallel gravity and its popular generalization $f(T)$ gravity can be formulated as fully invariant (under both coordinate transformations and local Lorentz transformations) theories of gravity.Expand
An Introduction to Geometrical Physics
Manifolds tangent structure differential forms symmetries fibre bundles topical sections - mathematics.
The Korteweg–de Vries hierarchy and long water‐waves
By using the multiple scale method with the simultaneous introduction of multiple times, we study the propagation of long surface‐waves in a shallow inviscid fluid. As a consequence of theExpand
Metric-affine approach to teleparallel gravity
The teleparallel gravity theory, treated physically as a gauge theory of translations, naturally represents a particular case of the most general gauge-theoretic model based on the general affineExpand
Torsion gravity: A Reappraisal
The role played by torsion in gravitation is critically reviewed. After a description of the problems and controversies involving the physics of torsion, a comprehensive presentation of theExpand
de Sitter special relativity
A special relativity based on the de Sitter group is introduced, which is a theory that might hold up in the presence of a non-vanishing cosmological constant. Like ordinary special relativity, itExpand
Spin connection and renormalization of teleparallel action
In general relativity, inertia and gravitation are both included in the Levi–Civita connection. As a consequence, the gravitational action, as well as the corresponding energy–momentum density, areExpand
Regularizing role of teleparallelism
The properties of the gravitational energy-momentum 3-form and of the superpotential 2-form are discussed in the covariant teleparallel framework, where the Weitzenbock connection represents inertialExpand