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Volcano-stratigraphy and geochemistry of collision-related volcanism on the Erzurum–Kars Plateau, northeastern Turkey
The Eastern Anatolia Region exhibits one of the world's best exposed and most complete transects across a volcanic province related to a continental collision zone. Within this region, theExpand
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New K/Ar Determinations on Rift Volcanics of S. Kenya and their Bearing on Age of Rift Faulting
Isotopic ages of lava from the rift province of southern Kenya provide age limits for some episodes of rift faulting. A temporal correlation between the age of faulting and the time of formation ofExpand
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Biologically induced modification of seawater viscosity in the Eastern English Channel during a Phaeocystis globosa spring bloom
To identify the potential relationship between Pheaocystis globosa bloom conditions and seawater properties, a hydrobiological survey was performed in the inshore waters of the Eastern EnglishExpand
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Bacterial motility: links to the environment and a driving force for microbial physics.
Bacterial motility was recognized 300 years ago. Throughout this history, research into motility has led to advances in microbiology and physics. Thirty years ago, this union helped to make run andExpand
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Recurrent and persistent brown tide blooms perturb coastal marine ecosystem
Throughout the summers of 1985 and 1986 a small (2–3 μm diameter), previously underscribed chrysophyte bloomed monospecifically (>109 cells 1−1) in Long Island embayments. The bloom colored the waterExpand
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Heavy metal toxicity of kidney and bone tissues in South Australian adult bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus).
Metallothioneins (MT) concentration, renal damage, and bone malformations were investigated in 38 adult Tursiops aduncus carcasses to determine any associations with cadmium, copper, zinc, mercury,Expand
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Spatial dynamics of virus-like particles and heterotrophic bacteria within a shallow coral reef system
Variations in the abundance and community characteristics of virus-like particles (VLP) and heterotrophic bacteria within a shallow, near-shore coral reef were determined using flow cyto- metricExpand
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The Energetics and Scaling of Search Strategies in Bacteria
The influence of body size on the energetic cost of movement is well studied in animals but has been rarely investigated in bacteria. Here, I calculate the cost of four chemotactic strategies forExpand
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Metagenomic comparison of microbial communities inhabiting confined and unconfined aquifer ecosystems.
A metagenomic analysis of two aquifer systems located under a dairy farming region was performed to examine to what extent the composition and function of microbial communities varies betweenExpand
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Microzones surrounding phytoplankton form the basis for a stratified marine microbial ecosystem
Although there are 107–109 bacteria per litre of sea water and up to 50% of marine primary productivity passes through them1, no direct information exists on small-scale spatial distributions ofExpand
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