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Telomeric Position Effect—A Third Silencing Mechanism in Eukaryotes
Eukaryotic chromosomes terminate in telomeres, complex nucleoprotein structures that are required for chromosome integrity that are implicated in cellular senescence and cancer. The chromatin at theExpand
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Cellulose as an inert matrix for presenting cytokines to target cells: production and properties of a stem cell factor-cellulose-binding domain fusion protein.
A chimaera of stem cell factor (SCF) and a cellulose-binding domain from the xylanase Cex (CBDCex) effectively immobilizes SCF on a cellulose surface. The fusion protein retains both the cytokineExpand
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Dynamic localization and persistent stimulation of factor-dependent cells by a stem cell factor / cellulose binding domain fusion protein.
The extracellular matrix provides structural components that support the development of tissue morphology and the distribution of growth factors that modulate the overall cellular response to thoseExpand
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Evaluation of workbenches which support the CommonKADS methodology
The KADS methodology and its successor, CommonKADS, have gained a reputation for being useful approaches to building knowledge-based systems in a manner which is both systematic and well documented.Expand
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