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Optimizing soil and plant responses to land-applied manure nutrients in the Great Plains of North America
Animal manures are recognized as valuable sources of plant nutrients in cropping systems and also play a role in soil improvement through the input of organic matter. Using recent research examplesExpand
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The anaerobic metabolism of the earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris).
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Municipal solid waste incineration; Regulating uncertainty
Environmental regulation is seldom easy. Upon recognition of an environmental problem regulatory agencies are expected to act, swiftly and aggressively, to remedy whatever situation exists or isExpand
Lavatory Seats
SIR,-I am sorry to disagree with Dr. J. H. Baron (February 11, p. 426), who has kindly referred to my suggestion in 19581 that Hippocrates was the first to describe Reiter's disease. My view thatExpand
Waste oil combustion: An environmental case study
Waste oils represent a large source of potentially difficult to manage disposal products. This paper discusses an environmental case study and presented are its findings, which indicate that it isExpand