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Comparative study of joint-detection techniques for TD-CDMA based mobile radio systems
This paper presents and compares several techniques that reduce the computational complexity of the joint-detection task even further by exploiting this block-Sylvester structure and by incorporating different approximations. Expand
Low-power and high-quality Cordic-based Loeffler DCT for signal processing
The proposed Cordic-based Loeffler DCT is very suitable for low-power and high-quality encoder/decoders (codecs) used in battery-based systems and retains the good transformation quality of the original Loeffer DCT. Expand
An Efficient Jacobi-like Algorithm for Parallel Eigenvalue Computation
A very fast Jacobi-like algorithm for the parallel solution of symmetric eigenvalue problems is proposed, although only linear convergence is obtained for the most simple version of the new algorithm, the overall operation count decreases dramatically. Expand
A Square Root and Division Free Givens Rotation for Solving Least Squares Problems on Systolic Arrays
This paper presents a square root and division free Givens rotation (SDFG) to be applied to the QR-decomposition (QRD) for solving linear least squares problems on systolic arrays. The SDFG is basedExpand
Classifying means of transportation using mobile sensor data
It is shown that both classifiers are able to solve the classification task with high accuracy given a proper preprocessing and support Vector Machines outperform Naive Bayes classifiers and achieve a classification accuracy of over 97% on an unknown test data set. Expand
Joint-Detection using Fast Fourier Transforms in TD-CDMA based Mobile Radio Systems
Third generation mobile radio systems will employ TD-CDMA in their TDD mode. In a TD-CDMA mobile radio system, jointdetection is equivalent to solving a least squares problem with a block-ToeplitzExpand
Schur algorithms for joint-detection in TD-CDMA based mobile radio systems
This paper shows the approach for two concrete manifestations of the TD-CDMA system matrix : first for a very compact, block-Toeplitz structure ; and second for the less favorable Toeplitzer-block structure that arises when decision feedback is added to the data detection process. Expand
A computationally efficient high-quality cordic based DCT
The experimental results show that the proposed Cordic based Loeffler DCT can be used in low-power and high-quality CODECs, especially in battery-based systems. Expand
Iterative version of the QRD for adaptive RLS filtering
A modified version of the QR—decomposition (QRD) is presented. It uses approximate Givens rotations instead of exact Givens rotations, i.e. , a matrix entry usually annihilated with an exact rotationExpand
Camera-assisted localization of passive RFID labels
A camera-assisted localization technique which employs back projection method and movement estimation is combined with the RFID-based localization, leading to an increase in localization accuracy by a factor of two compared to the Constrained Unscented Kalman Filter without camera assistance. Expand