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Evaluation of low-intensity physical activity by triaxial accelerometry.
OBJECTIVE To develop regression-based equations that estimate physical activity ratios [energy expenditure (EE) per minute/sleeping metabolic rate] for low-to-moderate intensity activities usingExpand
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Measurement of Energy Expenditure by Whole-body Indirect Human Calorimeter-Evaluation of Validity and Error Factors-
本研究の目的は, 独立行政法人国立健康・栄養研究所に設置された, 間接熱量測定法を用いたヒューマンカロリメーター (whole-body indirect human calorimeter: IHC)による, エネルギー消費量 (energy expenditure: EE) 測定の精度を評価し, 精度向上のための問題点を検討することである。アルコールを6時間燃焼させた40例の実験において,Expand
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Activity diary method for predicting energy expenditure as evaluated by a whole-body indirect human calorimeter.
In comparison with the energy expenditure determined by a whole-body indirect human calorimeter, which provides 24-h energy expenditure (TEE) with high precision and accuracy, the accuracy ofExpand
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Discriminating and continuous measurement of photosynthesis and respiration by monitoring 13CO2 and 12CO2 as tracers.
The simultaneous and discriminative measurement of the photosynthesis and the respiration of the plant was attained by simultaneous monitoring of 13CO2 and 12CO2 by artificial control of 13CO2Expand
Kashiwazaki Data Quality Control and Improvement of Indirect Human Calorimeter by System Dynamics Approach
Using a system dynamics approach, a simulation model for data quality control and improvement of human calorimeter using the indirect calorimetry (IHC: indirect human calorimeter) was constructed.Expand
Development of photosynthesis and respiration measurement system using mass spectrometry.
A closed gas-exchange system was developed to measure gross photosynthesis and respiration discriminately and simultaneously. The system developed in this study included a high performance massExpand
Measurement Method of Carbohydrate Metabolism during Prolonged Exercise by Monitoring 13CO2 as Tracer.
The discriminative measurement method of the dynamic metabolic change of an administered glucose and a pre-reserved carbohydrate is clearly demonstrated during the prolonged exercise (75 W bicycleExpand