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Migration of Bats along a Large River Valley in Southwestern Poland
Abstract Several European bat species migrate long distances of >1,000 km, but information on migration routes is poor or anecdotal, or both. We investigated migration of bats along the Oder RiverExpand
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Genetic structure in a swarming brown long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus) population: evidence for mating at swarming sites
Plecotus auritus, a small, gleaning bat species, lives in small, isolated summer colonies in which both males and females show a high degree of natal philopatry. Despite this, colonies have high geneExpand
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Population size, catchment area, and sex-influenced differences in autumn and spring swarming of the brown long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus)
Swarming by bats is defined as intense autumnal flight activity in and near underground hibernation sites and is considered to be associated with mating, but this behaviour may also serve to allowExpand
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Social Calls Provide Tree-dwelling Bats with Information about the Location of Conspecifics at Roosts
Animals can use signals emitted by other animals as sources of information. Auditory signals are important in communication networks, as they can potentially convey information about the location andExpand
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Reproductive Status and Vocalisation in Swarming Bats Indicate a Mating Function of Swarming and an Extended Mating Period in Plecotus auritus
Subterranean swarming of bats takes place in the autumn and it is presumed that its main function is to facilitate mating. However, Plecotus auritus (brown long-eared bat) swarms twice a year, inExpand
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The Vocal Activity of Pipistrellus nathusii (Vespertilionidae) in SW Poland
Vocal activity of Nathusius' pipistrelle (Pipistrellus nathusii) was studied between April—October 1998 in Wrocław, SW Poland. This activity (nocturnal and seasonal), measured as the number of socialExpand
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Digital Signal Processing Approach in Air Coupled Ultrasound Time Domain Beamforming
The work presents the results of experimental study on the possibilities of determining the source of an ultrasonic signal in two-dimensional space (distance, horizontal angle) using a self-constructed linear array of MEMS microphones. Expand
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Phenology of Migratory Bat Activity Across the Baltic Sea and the South-Eastern North Sea
We compiled the available information on the occurrence and timing of migratory bat activity across the Baltic Sea and south-eastern North Sea coasts and islands, based on ultrasonic monitoringExpand
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A Preliminary Analysis of Wireless Link for Bats Signals Acquisition System
The scope of an article that is presented below covers a preliminary analysis of wireless link of ultrasound signal transmission in commercial radio frequency band (UHF). Expand