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The survey description and the near-, mid-, and far-infrared flux properties are presented for the 258 galaxies in the Local Volume Legacy (LVL). LVL is a Spitzer Space Telescope legacy program thatExpand
The Calibration of Monochromatic Far-Infrared Star Formation Rate Indicators
Spitzer data at 24, 70, and 160 μm and ground-based Hα images are analyzed for a sample of 189 nearby star-forming and starburst galaxies to investigate whether reliable star formation rate (SFR)Expand
A galex ultraviolet imaging survey of galaxies in the local volume
We present results from a GALEX ultraviolet (UV) survey of a complete sample of 390 galaxies within ~11 Mpc of the Milky Way. The UV data are a key component of the composite Local Volume Legacy, anExpand
Kinematic properties of gas and stars in 20 disc galaxies
Ionized gas and stellar kinematical parameters have been measured along the major axis of 20 nearby disc galaxies. We discuss the properties of each sample galaxy, distinguishing between thoseExpand
The Star Formation Demographics of Galaxies in the Local Volume
We examine the connections between the current global star formation activity, luminosity, dynamical mass, and morphology of galaxies in the Local Volume, using Hα data from the 11 Mpc Hα andExpand
Demographics and Host Galaxies of Starbursts
Thanks to an array of major new ultraviolet, infrared, and visible-wavelength imaging and spectroscopic surveys, it has become possible to map the star formation in thousands of nearby galaxies, andExpand
The Bulge-Disk Orthogonal Decoupling in Galaxies: NGC 4698*
The R-band isophotal map of the Sa galaxy NGC 4698 shows that the inner region of the bulge structure is elongated perpendicularly to the major axis of the disk; this is also true for the outer partsExpand
Minor-axis velocity gradients in disk galaxies
We present the ionized-gas kinematics and photometry of a sample of 4 spiral galaxies which are characterized by a zero-velocity plateau along the major axis and a velocity gradient along the minorExpand
Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies
The conference Galaxy Disks and Disk Galaxies, sponsored by the Vatican Observatory, was held in June 12-16, 2000 at the Pontifical Gregorian University, in Rome (Italy). The meeting hosted about 230Expand
Frontiers of astrobiology
"Astrobiology is an exciting interdisciplinary field that seeks to answer one of the most important and profound questions: Are we alone? In this volume, leading international experts explore theExpand