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Subsurface transport of phosphorus in riparian floodplains: influence of preferential flow paths.
The potential for nutrient subsurface transport shown by this alluvial system has implications regarding management of similar riparian floodplain systems.
Measuring streambank erosion due to ground water seepage: correlation to bank pore water pressure, precipitation and stream stage
Limited information exists on one of the mechanisms governing sediment input to streams: streambank erosion by ground water seepage. The objective of this research was to demonstrate the importance
Particulate size distributions and mass measured at a motorway during the BAB II campaign
Abstract From 1 May to 25 May 2001, the BAB II campaign was carried out at the motorway BAB (656) near Heidelberg. Atmospheric concentrations of particulate matter and gases were measured together
Capture of Airborne Particulate Using Surface Applied Emulsions: Potential for Postdetonation Dirty Bomb Cleanup
Recent research has proposed the use of asphalt and tall-oil-pitch emulsions for stabilizing radioactive contamination deposited on surfaces in urban areas. The objective of this project was to
Subsurface Transport of Phosphorus in Riparian Floodplains: Tracer and Phosphorus Transport Experiments
The primary transport mechanism for phosphorus (P) movement from upland areas to surface water systems is typically surface runoff, with subsurface transport assumed negligible. However, certain
Estimating watershed level nonagricultural pesticide use from golf courses using geospatial methods.
Abstract:  Limited information exists on pesticide use for nonagricultural purposes, making it difficult to estimate pesticide loadings from nonagricultural sources to surface water and to conduct