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Financialization and Strategy: Narrative and Numbers
Part 1: What Corporate Management Has Become 1. Introduction 2. Classical Strategy 3. The Intrusion of the Capital Market 4. Keeping it Going 5. Better Governance? Part 2: Cases 6. Introduction toExpand
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Shareholder value and Financialization: consultancy promises, management moves
In the pages of the daily financial press, 'shareholder value' is a loose rhetoric. For business consultants who sell financial metrics and implementation, shareholder value is also a product and aExpand
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The Private Finance Initiative: risk, uncertainty and the state
  • J. Froud
  • Business, Economics
  • 1 August 2003
Abstract This paper analyses the UK's Private Finance Initiative (PFI) at a conceptual level by focusing on the management of risk, which is central to the justification for the policy and itsExpand
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After the Great Complacence: Financial Crisis and the Politics of Reform
What is the relationship between the financial system and politics? In a democratic system, what kind of control should elected governments have over the financial markets? What policies should beExpand
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Private Equity and the Culture of Value Extraction
The rapid growth of private equity had, by the mid 2000s, provoked mixed reactions. For The Economist, ‘the private equity industry has moved from the fringe to the centre of the capitalist action’Expand
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Financialisation and the coupon pool
This article aims to extend our understanding of the role of capital markets in present day capitalism. It starts from a critical examination of established terms, shareholder value, corporateExpand
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Reconceptualizing financial innovation: frame, conjuncture and bricolage
Abstract This article argues for a reconceptualization of financial innovation which, as culprit and victim of the current crisis, is now damned by those who once praised it. But what is financialExpand
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Working for themselves? Capital market intermediaries and present day capitalism
This article uses earlier debates on managerial capitalism to set up and explore questions about the role and possible effects of fee-earning capital market intermediaries in present day capitalism.Expand
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The democratization of finance? Promises, outcomes and conditions
ABSTRACT This paper analyses the ‘democratization of finance’ or the promise that all households can make money and/or manage risk by buying appropriate financial services products. It does so byExpand
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Financialization at Work: Key Texts and Commentary
General Introduction Section 1 History: Critique of the Rentier and Financier - Introduction 1. Against the Rentier and Financier R.H. Tawney 2. Control, Liquidity and the "Community Interest" AdolfExpand
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