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Invested interests: the politics of national economic policies in a world of global finance
Capital moves more rapidly across national borders now than it has in at least fifty years and perhaps in history. This article examines the effects of capital mobility on different groups inExpand
Politics and Exchange Rates: A Cross-Country Approach to Latin America
This paper explores the impact of political economy factors on exchange rate policy in Latin America. It studies the determinants of the choice of exchange rate regime in Latin America, placingExpand
Internationalization and Domestic Politics: The Impact of the International Economy on National Policies: An Analytical Overview
A stethoscope in which two diaphragms are used to amplify sound. The diaphragms are axially spaced, and to one diaphragm a piece of stainless steel is attached and a magnetized metal is attached toExpand
Real Sources of European Currency Policy: Sectoral Interests and European Monetary Integration
  • J. Frieden
  • Economics
  • International Organization
  • 1 September 2002
In the thirty years before Economic and Monetary Union was achieved, European currency policies varied widely among countries and over time. In this article, I argue that the sectoral impact ofExpand
The Political Economy of International Trade
A similar set of concepts has been central to the literatures on the formation of trade policy coalitions and the “new economics of institutions”: the political and economic consequences of theExpand
Sustaining Fixed Rates: The Political Economy of Currency Pegs in Latin America
This paper studies Latin American exchange rate regimes since 1960. We model government exchange rate regime choice, constrained by politics. The model implies that the larger the tradable sectorsExpand
Crisis of trust: Socio-economic determinants of Europeans’ confidence in government
Europeans’ confidence in political institutions has dropped precipitously since the onset of the Euro-crisis in 2009. The decline in trust in government varies across countries and occupational andExpand
Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century
International trade at unprecedented levels, millions of people migrating yearly in search of jobs, the world's economies more open to one another than ever before...Such was the global economy inExpand
■ Abstract The structure of international monetary relations has gained increasing prominence over the past two decades. Both national exchange rate policy and the character of the internationalExpand