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Spatial colocalization and functional link of purinosomes with mitochondria
Spatial control of cellular enzymes Purine is a building block of DNA and also a component of ATP that is used as an energy source in the cell. Enzymes involved in purine biosynthesis organize intoExpand
Purinosome formation as a function of the cell cycle
Significance We show that the assembly/disassembly of the purinosome is cell cycle-dependent and correlates with cellular demands for purine biosynthesis encountered during the cell cycle. The numberExpand
Functional significance of evolving protein sequence in dihydrofolate reductase from bacteria to humans
With the rapidly growing wealth of genomic data, experimental inquiries on the functional significance of important divergence sites in protein evolution are becoming more accessible. Here we traceExpand
Characterization of nicotinamidases: steady state kinetic parameters, classwide inhibition by nicotinaldehydes, and catalytic mechanism.
Nicotinamidases are metabolic enzymes that hydrolyze nicotinamide to nicotinic acid. These enzymes are widely distributed across biology, with examples found encoded in the genomes of Mycobacteria,Expand
Plasmodium falciparum Sir2 is an NAD+-dependent deacetylase and an acetyllysine-dependent and acetyllysine-independent NAD+ glycohydrolase.
Sirtuins are NAD (+)-dependent enzymes that deacetylate a variety of cellular proteins and in some cases catalyze protein ADP-ribosyl transfer. The catalytic mechanism of deacetylation is proposed toExpand
High-resolution crystal structures of Streptococcus pneumoniae nicotinamidase with trapped intermediates provide insights into the catalytic mechanism and inhibition by aldehydes .
Nicotinamidases are salvage enzymes that convert nicotinamide to nicotinic acid. These enzymes are essential for the recycling of nicotinamide into NAD(+) in most prokaryotes and most single-cell andExpand
Precise Manipulation and Patterning of Protein Crystals for Macromolecular Crystallography Using Surface Acoustic Waves.
Advances in modern X-ray sources and detector technology have made it possible for crystallographers to collect usable data on crystals of only a few micrometers or less in size. Despite theseExpand
Quantitative Analysis of Purine Nucleotides Indicates That Purinosomes Increase de Novo Purine Biosynthesis*♦
Background: Metabolic enzymes have been hypothesized to assemble into complex to respond to cellular metabolism changes. Results: De novo purine biosynthesis increases in purinosome-containing cells.Expand
Mapping Protein-Protein Proximity in the Purinosome*
Background: Six enzymes in the human de novo purine synthesis pathway form a cellular enzyme complex, the purinosome, to increase the purine synthesis rate under a purine-depleted condition. Results:Expand
Biochemical and structural characterization of a ureidoglycine aminotransferase in the Klebsiella pneumoniae uric acid catabolic pathway.
Many plants, fungi, and bacteria catabolize allantoin as a mechanism for nitrogen assimilation. Recent reports have shown that in plants and some bacteria the product of hydrolysis of allantoin byExpand