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A quantum mechanical representation in phase space
A quantum mechanical representation suitable for studying the time evolution of quantum densities in phase space is proposed and examined in detail. This representation on L2 (2) phase space is based
Quantum mechanics in phase space: New approaches to the correspondence principle
We present a time evolution equation that provides a novel basis for the treatment of quantum systems in phase space and for the investigation of the quantum‐classical correspondence. Through the use
General formulation of the vibrational kinetic energy operator in internal bond-angle coordinates
A general formulation of the vibrational kinetic energy operator expressed in internal bond-angle coordinates is presented. This formulation is based on Podolsky’s expression for the covariant form
Quasiclassical Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Photoisomerization of Stilbene
The ultrafast laser-induced isomerization dynamics of gas phase stilbene is studied in detail using quasiclassical molecular dynamics methods. To model the dynamics, empirical potential surfaces for
Molecular Hamiltonians for highly constrained model systems
We describe a simple approach for constructing the molecular Hamiltonian which is ideal for studying large molecular systems in which many constraints are imposed. The present procedure allows one to