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Cell Elasticity Determines Macrophage Function
Macrophages serve to maintain organ homeostasis in response to challenges from injury, inflammation, malignancy, particulate exposure, or infection. Until now, receptor ligation has been understoodExpand
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Relaxation of activated airway smooth muscle: relative potency of isoproterenol vs. tidal stretch.
Both isoproterenol and tidal fluctuations of muscle length inhibit active force development in activated airway smooth muscle. In this study, we show that length fluctuations in the range ofExpand
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Oscillation Mechanics of the Respiratory System
The sections in this article are: 1 Modeling the Respiratory System as a Linear System 1.1 Models 1.2 Elemental Equations 1.3 Sinusoidal Forcing and Complex Impedance 1.4 Expand
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Origin and character of vascular murmurs: model studies.
  • J. Fredberg
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 1 April 1977
The fluctuating mechanical stress imposed upon the arterial‐wall downstream of a stenosis by turbulent blood flow was studied in a model experiment. The dependence of mean‐square wall pressure andExpand
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Mechanical properties of cultured human airway smooth muscle cells from 0.05 to 0.4 Hz.
We investigated the rheological properties of living human airway smooth muscle cells in culture and monitored the changes in rheological properties induced by exogenous stimuli. We oscillated smallExpand
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Propulsion and navigation within the advancing monolayer sheet
As a wound heals, or a body plan forms, or a tumor invades, observed cellular motions within the advancing cell swarm are thought to stem from yet to be observed physical stresses that act in someExpand
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Reproducibility and accuracy of airway area by acoustic reflection.
To determine the accuracy and reproducibility of measurements of airway area by acoustic reflection (AAAR) we made repeated measurements of tracheal areas in human volunteers, glass airway models,Expand
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Pulmonary surfactant as a vehicle for intratracheal delivery of technetium sulfur colloid and pentamidine in hamster lungs.
Tracheal instillation of pentamidine in a surfactant vehicle may be an effective direct method of antibiotic delivery to the lungs. In 10 healthy hamsters, we compared the pulmonary distribution ofExpand
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Historical perspective on airway smooth muscle: the saga of a frustrated cell.
Despite the lack of a clearly defined physiological function, airway smooth muscle receives substantial attention because of its involvement in the pathogenesis of asthma. Recent investigations haveExpand
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Spreading of exogenous surfactant in an airway.
Using a theoretical model, we studied spreading of a bolus of insoluble surfactant deposited on a thin liquid layer of a model airway. Applications include instillation of exogenous surfactant as aExpand
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