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Stobadine protects against ischemia-reperfusion induced morphological alterations of cerebral microcirculation in dogs.
Vascular diseases of the CNS are a major medical, social and economic problem. From the number of causes leading to nervous malfunction and damage, ischemia is most prominent. Thus, neuronalExpand
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Effects of stobadine on survival, histopathologic outcome and acid-base status after global brain ischemia in dogs.
Present study is designed to examine an effect of Stobadine, a new cell-protective agent with antiarrhythmic properties, on survival, electron microscopic changes in microvasculatory bed of selectedExpand
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Apoptosis and cell death (mechanisms, pharmacology and promise for the future).
Rapidly growing body of evidence on cell death mechanisms and its disorders during last five years has replaced old paradigms and opened new horizons in medicine. Identification of differentExpand
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Validation of a four-vessel occlusion model for transient global cerebral ischemia in dogs.
A new model of transient global cerebral ischemia in dogs with minimal measures of intervention is described together with a simple scale for evaluation of functional outcome. During pentobarbitalExpand
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Temporal kinetics of calcium in neocortical neuronal nuclei after global cerebral ischemia and reperfusion. An ultrastructural study.
New facts about control of nuclear milieu were recently described. Because calcium is known as an important cellular regulator we designed this study to describe temporal calcium kinetics in neuronalExpand
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