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The uncertain relationship between transparency and accountability
  • J. Fox
  • Political Science
  • 1 August 2007
The concepts of transparency and accountability are closely linked: transparency is supposed to generate accountability. This article questions this widely held assumption. Transparency mobilises the
The Difficult Transition from Clientelism to Citizenship: Lessons from Mexico
Electoral competition is necessary but not sufficient for the consolidation of democratic regimes; not all elections are free and fair; nor do they necessarily lead to actual civilian rule or respect
Accountability Politics: Power and Voice in Rural Mexico
  • J. Fox
  • Political Science
  • 10 January 2008
How can the seeds of accountability ever grow in authoritarian environments? Embedding accountability into the state is an inherently uneven, partial and contested process. Campaigns for public
An Introduction to Religion and Politics: Theory and Practice
  • J. Fox
  • Political Science, Philosophy
  • 30 November 2012
1. Introduction Part I: Theories of Religion and Politics 2. Secularization and Secularism 3. Religious Identity 4. Religious Worldviews, Beliefs, Doctrines, and Theologies 5. Religious Legitimacy 6.
When Does ICT-Enabled Citizen Voice Lead to Government Responsiveness?
This article reviews evidence on the use of 23 information and communications technology (ICT) platforms to project citizen voice to improve public service delivery. This meta-analysis focuses on
A World Survey of Religion and the State: Patterns and Trends
1. Introduction 2. The question of religion's role in politics and society: modernization, secularization, and beyond? 3. Quantifying religion 4. Global GIR from 1990 to 2002 5. Western democracies