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Photometry of Triton 1992–2004: Surface volatile transport and discovery of a remarkable opposition surge
Abstract Triton, the large satellite of Neptune, was imaged by the Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1989 with dark plumes originating in its volatile-rich south polar region. Southern summer solstice, a timeExpand
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Flow structure associated with multiple jets from a generic catheter tip
During hemodialysis, cleansed blood is injected into the body through one or more holes at the tip of a catheter, which is typically positioned within the superior vena cava. Multiple, interactingExpand
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Structure of the jet from a generic catheter tip
A generic feature of a wide variety of central venous catheters, which are typically located within the superior vena cava (SVC), is a jet from a side hole of the catheter tip. Particle imageExpand
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Mobile screening mammography: What size detector is needed?
Measuring Success: Are We Winning? Over 10 Years in Afghanistan
Starting in January, they launched a brazen suicide assault on an upscale supermarket in a secured area of Kabul, targeting the country director of a private security firm.1 In February, suicideExpand
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