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Domains in Ferroic Crystals and Thin Films
A Preview of Concepts and Phenomena.- Fundamentals of Ferroic Domain Structures.- Ferroic Materials.- Methods for Observation of Domains.- Static Domain Patterns.- Domain Walls at Rest.- Switching
The Plastid Genome of Eutreptiella Provides a Window into the Process of Secondary Endosymbiosis of Plastid in Euglenids
The results show that the early secondary plastid of euglenids was much more susceptible to gene losses and endosymbiotic gene transfers than the established plastids, which is surprisingly resistant to changes in gene content.
Updating algal evolutionary relationships through plastid genome sequencing: did alveolate plastids emerge through endosymbiosis of an ochrophyte?
It is suggested that the Vitrella plastids emerged from a deep ochrophyte lineage rather than being derived vertically from a hypothetical plastid-bearing common ancestor of alveolates and stramenopiles, and may have been acquired by an endosymbiosis of an early ochROphyte.
The Orientation of Domain Walls in Twinned Ferroelectric Crystals
Due to the spontaneous deformations of ferroelectric crystals in their ferroelectric phases, twins (domains) may be separated only by those composition planes (domain walls) which satisfy the
The critical temperature dependence of birefringence near the normal-incommensurate phase transition in Rb2ZnBr4
Anomalous (non-classical) temperature behaviour of birefringence at the second-order normal-incommensurate phase transition in Rb2ZnBr4 crystals is studied experimentally. An attempt is undertaken to
Comparison of specificity and sensitivity of immunochemical and molecular techniques for determination of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis
Molecular methods were optimized by verification of annealing temperatures and times for both primers and produced positive reaction only with Cmm, causing bacterial canker of tomato.
To Lead the Free World: American Nationalism and the Cultural Roots of the Cold War
In this cultural history of the origins of the Cold War, John Fousek argues boldly that American nationalism provided the ideological glue for the broad public consensus that supported U.S. foreign
Continuum theory of domain walls in Gd2(MoO4)3
A continuum theory for domain walls perpendicular to a tetragonal a-axis in Gd2(MoO4)3 is presented. The spatial dependence of the transition parameters within the wall region, the wall energy, and
Skeletons in White House Closets : A Discussion of Modern Presidential Scandals
Undoubtedly, we live in a period of media-stoked scandal. Actorsʼ and actressesʼ substance abuse, arrests, affairs, divorces, racially insensitive remarks, and indiscretions dominate entertainment
Sound-speed image reconstruction in sparse-aperture 3-D ultrasound transmission tomography
These issues are addressed in terms of sound-speed image reconstruction, using edge-preserving regularized algebraic reconstruction in combination with synthetic aperture focusing, and the critical points of the implementation are discussed, because they are crucial to enable a complete 3-D image reconstruction.