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Neoliberal Natures on the Farm: Farmer Autonomy and Cooperation in Comparative Perspective
Abstract The struggle over autonomy in farming is emblematic of the philosophical and practical tensions inherent in solving multi-scalar environmental issues. We explore the multiplicities ofExpand
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Farmer autonomy and the farming self
Drawing on interviews in Switzerland and New Zealand, we explore the concept of autonomy as part of a farming self. The farming self encompasses the dialectical relationship of autonomy as both valueExpand
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Agri-environmental governance as an assemblage : multiplicity, power, and transformation
Introduction: agri-environmental governance as assemblage Jeremie Forney, Chris Rosin and Hugh Campbell Part I: Assembling ontologies: multiplicities and agencies Assembling payments for ecosystemExpand
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Family farming and gendered division of labour on the move: a typology of farming-family configurations
Family farming, understood as a household which combines family, farm and commercial activity, still represents the backbone of the world’s agriculture. On family farms, labour division has generallyExpand
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Introducing ‘Seeds of Change’ into the Food System? Localisation Strategies in the Swiss Dairy Industry
The Swiss dairy-farming sector faces challenging times after the removal of milk quotas. In this context, several cooperative and federative structures have developed new strategies to improve theExpand
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Co-operative values beyond hybridity: The case of farmers’ organisations in the swiss dairy sector
Abstract After the abolition of milk quotas in Switzerland, dairy farmers had to reorganise. New farmers' organisations emerged and traditional co-operatives had to search for strategies at multipleExpand
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Hot cathode neon arcs
In a discharge tube containing cold electrodes there is a very high-voltage drop at the cathode. Positive ions falling through this drop result in the emission of a small primary electron currentExpand
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Conversion of Family Farms and Resilience in Southland, New Zealand
The well-known deregulation of New Zealand agriculture prompted the growth of dairy farming, particularly in the region of Southland. The formation of the giant cooperative Fonterra only exacerbatedExpand
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Social Sciences and Farmers in Switzerland: the Story of a Strange Absence
Switzerland is known to offer substantial support to its national agriculture. However and despite the political importance of agriculture, very few social science research programmes on farming andExpand
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