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Defining and Reasoning About Recursive Functions: A Practical Tool for the Coq Proof Assistant
We present a practical tool for defining and proving properties of recursive functions in the Coq proof assistant. The tool generates from pseudo-code the graph of the intended function as anExpand
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Automated Certified Proofs with CiME3
We present the rewriting toolkit CiME3. Amongst other original features, this version enjoys two kinds of engines: to handle and discover proofs of various properties of rewriting systems, and to Expand
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Certification of Automated Termination Proofs
Nowadays, formal methods rely on tools of different kinds: proof assistants with which the user interacts to discover a proof step by step; and fully automated tools which make use of (intricate)Expand
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A3PAT, an approach for certified automated termination proofs
Software engineering, automated reasoning, rule-based programming or specifications often use rewriting systems for which termination, among other properties, may have to be ensured.This paperExpand
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ShareX3D, a scientific collaborative 3D viewer over HTTP
In scientific visualization data are becoming more and more complex and implies cooperative effort for their post-processing analysis as well as high performance processing resources. MoreoverExpand
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Collaborative Scientific Visualization: The COLLAVIZ Framework
This demonstration introduces new ways and approaches for exploring 3D scientific datasets obtained by numerical simulation. Three main points will be addressed, including compression methods,Expand
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Modeling of Plasma Probe Interactions With a PIC Code Using an Unstructured Mesh
A new Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Software has been developed in the frame of the Spacecraft Plasma Interaction Network (SPINE). This software is designed to simulate the kinetic processes of ionsExpand
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A Weak Calculus with Explicit Operators for Pattern Matching and Substitution
  • J. Forest
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • RTA
  • 22 July 2002
In this paper we propose aWeak Lambda Calculus called ?Pw having explicit operators for Pattern Matching and Substitution. This formalism is able to specify functions defined by cases via patternExpand
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Expression Reduction Systems with Patterns
We introduce a new higher-order rewriting formalism, called Expression Reduction Systems with Patterns (ERSP), where abstraction is not only allowed on variables but also on nested patterns. TheseExpand
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