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Impacts of the Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution and KPg Extinction on Mammal Diversification
Molecular phylogenetic analysis, calibrated with fossils, resolves the time frame of the mammalian radiation. Previous analyses of relations, divergence times, and diversification patterns amongExpand
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The Placental Mammal Ancestor and the Post–K-Pg Radiation of Placentals
Let There Be Mammals The timing of the evolution and radiation of placental mammals and their most recent common ancestor has long been debated, with many questions surrounding the relationships ofExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of the carnivora (mammalia): assessing the impact of increased sampling on resolving enigmatic relationships.
This study analyzed 76 species of Carnivora using a concatenated sequence of 6243 bp from six genes (nuclear TR-i-I, TBG, and IRBP; mitochondrial ND2, CYTB, and 12S rRNA), representing the mostExpand
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A Miocene hyperdiverse crocodylian community reveals peculiar trophic dynamics in proto-Amazonian mega-wetlands
Amazonia contains one of the world's richest biotas, but origins of this diversity remain obscure. Onset of the Amazon River drainage at approximately 10.5 Ma represented a major shift in NeotropicalExpand
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Comparative study of notoungulate (Placentalia, Mammalia) bony labyrinths and new phylogenetically informative inner ear characters
The phylogenetic relationships of notoungulates, an extinct group of predominantly South American herbivores, remain poorly resolved with respect to both other placental mammals and among oneExpand
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The correlated evolution of Runx2 tandem repeats, transcriptional activity, and facial length in Carnivora
SUMMARY To assess the ability of protein‐coding mutations to contribute to subtle, inter‐specific morphologic evolution, here, we test the hypothesis that mutations within the protein‐coding regionExpand
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Paleontology and Geochronology of the Deseadan (late Oligocene) of Moquegua, Perú
Abstract Subsequent to our initial reports of the discovery of Deseadan fossils in southern Perú, we have obtained new data regarding the paleontology and geology of the upper member of the MoqueguaExpand
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Inner ear of a notoungulate placental mammal: anatomical description and examination of potentially phylogenetically informative characters
We provide the first detailed description of the inner ear of a notoungulate, an extinct group of endemic South American placental mammals, based on a three‐dimensional reconstruction extracted fromExpand
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Rapid tectonic and paleogeographic evolution: the Chucal anticline, altiplano of Arica,northern Chile
1. Dpto. de Geologia, Univ. de Chile, Casilla 13518, Correo 21, Santiago, Chile. rcharrie@cec.uchile.cl 2. SIPETROL S.A., Vitacura 2736, 8o Piso, Providencia, Las Condes, Santiago. achavez@esfera.clExpand
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A New 13 Million Year Old Gavialoid Crocodylian from Proto-Amazonian Mega-Wetlands Reveals Parallel Evolutionary Trends in Skull Shape Linked to Longirostry
Gavialoid crocodylians are the archetypal longirostrine archosaurs and, as such, understanding their patterns of evolution is fundamental to recognizing cranial rearrangements and reconstructingExpand
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