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Archaeology of the dreamtime
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'Telecommunications, Switching, Traffic and Networks'
* Introduction * The Development of Telecommunications * Network Structures * Network Services. Expand
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The Original Australians: Story of the Aboriginal People
Preface..Notes on terminology..1. Exploration: European discovery of Australia..2. Colonisation: Early Sydney..3. Confrontation: Early Tasmania and Victoria..4. Depopulation: A century of struggleExpand
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Crosstalk in time-division-multiplex communication systems using pulse-position and pulse-length modulation
The crosstalk caused by a multi-stage resistance-capacitance-coupled amplifier is determined for time-division-multiplex communication systems using pulse-position modulation (p.p.m.) andExpand
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Register equipment for a time-division-multiplex electronic telephone exchange
Register equipment has been designed for use in a time-division-multiplex electronic telephone exchange. Calls using the register do so by means of trains of pulses occurring at different times in aExpand
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Time-compression-multiplex transmission
In time-compression multiplex (t.c.m.) transmission, the signals of the channels are scanned and the samples are stored before being transmitted at high speed. Expand
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Exact model for delta-modulation processes
A mathematical model is described which generates a pulse waveform identical to that of a single-integrator delta modulator, provided that the input signals to the latter do not cause slopeExpand
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Telecommunication Networks
This revised and updated text discusses the structure and performance of telecommunication networks in the context of the services they provide. Expand
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Noise-reducing codes for pulse-code modulation
Theory shows that a simple binary pulse-code modulation system does not make the maximum use of a communication channel of given bandwidth and signal/noise ratio. It is suggested that an improvementExpand
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