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Metacognition and Cognitive Monitoring: A New Area of Cognitive-Developmental Inquiry.
Preschool and elementary school children were asked to study a set of items until they were sure they could recall them perfectly (Flavell, Friedrichs, & Hoyt, 1970). The older subjects studied for a
Cognitive development: children's knowledge about the mind.
  • J. Flavell
  • Psychology
    Annual review of psychology
  • 1999
This chapter reviews theory and research on the development of children's knowledge about the mental world, focusing especially on work done during the past 15 years under the rubric of
Developmental studies of mediated memory.
  • J. Flavell
  • Psychology
    Advances in child development and behavior
  • 1970
Theory-of-Mind Development: Retrospect and Prospect
This review begins with a brief history from Piagetian perspective-taking development, through metacognitive development, and into the past and present field of theory-of-mind development. This field
Young children's knowledge about visual perception: Further evidence for the Level 1–Level 2 distinction.
Three studies were done to test the hypothesis that there is a development in early childhood from a less advanced (Level 1) to a more advanced (Level 2) form of knowledge and thinking about people's