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Temperatures in ambient mantle and plumes: Constraints from basalts, picrites, and komatiites
Several methods have been developed to assess the thermal state of the mantle below oceanic ridges, islands, and plateaus, on the basis of the petrology and geochemistry of erupted lavas. One leads
The north Atlantic igneous province
The North Atlantic Igneous Province extends from eastern Canada to the British Isles, a pre-drift distance of almost 2000 km. The igneous rocks are predominantly basaltic, but differentiates and
High 3He/4He ratios in picritic basalts from Baffin Island and the role of a mixed reservoir in mantle plumes
It is shown that olivine phenocrysts in picritic basalts presumably derived from the proto-Iceland plume at Baffin Island, Canada, have the highest magmatic 3He/4He ratios yet recorded, indicating that a 3He-recharged depleted mantle (HRDM) reservoir may be the principal source of high 3He /4He in mantle plumes.