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Diel vertical migrations ofMeganyctiphanes norvegica in the Kattegat: Comparison of net catches and measurements with Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers
Diel vertical migration of a stable and well-defined population of Nordic krill,Meganyctiphanes norvegica (Crustacea, Euphausiacea) was investigated during eight days in August 1989, in theExpand
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Heat Waves, Urban Climate and Human Health
The European heat wave of 2003 was an outstanding weather event. The months of June and August have been nearly everywhere in Germany the warmest months since the start of registrations in 1901. TheExpand
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Bundesrepublikanische Soziologie 1949 bis heute
Es gibt eine entwickelte Geschichtsschreibung der deutschen Soziologie von 1945/1949 bis in die Gegenwart, begonnen in den 70er Jahren in der Auseinandersetzung zwischen Lepsius und Schelsky (LepsiusExpand
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Back to the present:Forward to the past : Irish Writing and History since 1798
Out of Limerick: Kate O'Brien - Frank McCourt Maria de la CINTA RAMBLADO MINERO: Kate O'Brien as a "Herstorical" Writer: The Personal Story of Women Clare WALLACE: Judgement in Kate O'Brien's TheExpand
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Desiccant-Based Preconditioning Market Analysis
A number of important conclusions can be drawn as a result of this broad, first-phase market evaluation. The more important conclusions include the following: (1) A very significant marketExpand
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Determination of the Boltzmann constant?status and prospects
The present definition of the kelvin links the unit of temperature with a material property, namely the triple point temperature of water. It would be more consistent with the current approaches toExpand
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Klinische, biochemische und therapeutische Aspekte des zerebralen Vasospasmus
: Cerebral vasospasm is caused by many factors. Primarily it is caused by Noradrenalin (NA) localised in the vessel walls and by platelet aggregation, with raising of the concentration of 5-HT in theExpand
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Determination of the Boltzmann constant by dielectric-constant gas thermometry
Within an international project directed to the new definition of the base unit kelvin, the Boltzmann constant k has been determined by dielectric-constant gas thermometry at PTB. In the pressureExpand
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Medikamentenadhärenz in der Asthmatherapie – eine strukturierte Übersicht
Hintergrund: Asthma gehort zu den chronischen Erkrankungen mit der niedrigsten Adharenz. Es soll dargestellt werden, welche Faktoren die Adharenz beeinflussen, welche Messverfahren es gibt und mitExpand
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