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Narcissism and self-handicapping: Linking self-aggrandizement to behavior
Abstract Two experiments tested the hypothesis that narcissistic men as defined by the NPI (Narcissistic Personality Inventory; Raskin & Hall, 1979 ) would self-handicap more than low-NPI individualsExpand
A Comparative Study of Carbon Gasification with O2 and CO2 by Density Functional Theory Calculations
A comparative study of carbon gasification with O-2 and CO2 was conducted by using density functional theory calculations. It was found that the activation energy and the number of active sites inExpand
Effects of Surface Chemistry on Aromatic Compound Adsorption from Dilute Aqueous Solutions by Activated Carbon
Adsorption of one nondissociating and four dissociating aromatic compounds onto three untreated activated carbons from dilute aqueous solutions were investigated. All adsorption experiments wereExpand
Experimental and theoretical Raman and surface‐enhanced Raman scattering study of cysteine
Raman spectra in solid and 1 M solution of L-cysteine and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectra of this molecule in the zwitterionic form, by using colloidal silver nanoparticles, haveExpand
Molecular orbital theory calculations of the H2O-carbon reaction
Carbon gasification with steam to produce H2 and CO is an important reaction widely used in industry for hydrogen generation. Although the literature is vast, the mechanism for the formation of H2 isExpand
Adsorption of aromatic compounds onto activated carbons: Effects of the orientation of the adsorbates
Adsorption of model aromatic compounds onto two untreated activated carbons with similar physical and chemical properties is investigated. The solution pH of all experiments was lowered so that allExpand
Amino-, Alkoxy-, and Alkylthio-Isocyanates and -Isothiocyanates, RX-NCY, their Isomers RX-YCN and RX-CNY, and their Rearrangements
Hetero-substituted isocyanates and isothiocyanates RX-NCY (X = R2N, RO, or RS; Y = O or S) and the isomeric cyanates RX-OCN, thiocyanates RX-SCN, nitrile oxides RX-CNO, and nitrile sulfides RX-CNSExpand
Cumulene Rearrangements: Ketene-Ketene, Isocyanate-Isocyanate, Thioketene-Ketene, Imidoylketene-Ketenimine, and Ketene-Allene Rearrangements
Interconversions between alpha-oxoketenes, imidoylketenes and alpha-oxoketenimines, thioacylketenes and acylthioketenes, vinylketenes and acylallenes, isocyanates, and thioacylisocyanates andExpand
Theoretical study on the nonlinear optical properties of phenylenes and influencing factors
A systematic investigation of the hyperpolarisabilities of substituted p-poly-phenylenes is presented using different quantum mechanical approaches, including density functional theory andExpand
Facile ketene-ketene and ketene-ketenimine rearrangements: a study of the 1,3-migration of alpha-substituents interconverting alpha-imidoylketenes and alpha-oxoketenimines, a pseudopericyclic
Theoretical calculations of the 1,3 migration of NR(2) transforming alpha-oxoketenimines 1 to alpha-imidoylketenes 3 and vice versa indicate that this process is a pseudo-pericyclic reaction with a low activation energy. Expand