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The decline of the bumble bees and cuckoo bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Bombini) of Western and Central Europe
The bumble and cuckooo bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Bombini; Bombus spp. and Psithyrus spp., respectively) are important plant pollinators and any decline in numbers or species constitutes aExpand
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Structural heterogeneity of pillared fluorohectorite; an XRD, HRTEM and EDX study
Different types of heterogeneity were shown in F/OH/Al pillared fluorohectorite by combined use of X-ray and selected area electron diffraction, high-resolution transmission electron microscopyExpand
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Site constancy of bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apiformes: Bombus Latr.) in the habitats of two forest successional series of the Western Carpathians
Site constancy of bumblebees in five habitat types of alder-swamp forest developmental (successional) series and six habitat types of Carpathian beech forest series in the Western Carpathians, NEExpand
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Long-term changes in the species composition and distribution of Bombini (Apidae) in Cracow since the mid 1850s
Abstract Current distribution of bumblebee species in Cracow was studied in 2000–2003 in 23 atlas squares. The results were compared with historical data available for last 150 years, includingExpand
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Effect of type of roughage on chemical composition and technological value of milk from cows fed TMR diets
Abstract An experiment was conducted to determine the degree to which feeding Polish Black-and-White Holstein-Friesian cows with total mixed rations (TMR) differing in the type of “energy” roughagesExpand
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Optimization of rearing dairy breed calves according to organic principles / Optymalizacja odchowu cieląt ras mlecznych według wymogów ekologicznych
Abstract The aim of the study was to determine the degree to which different whole milk feeding systems according to ecological standards affect the results of rearing, some blood biochemical andExpand
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