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Studies in prebiotic synthesis. II. Synthesis of purine precursors and amino acids from aqueous hydrogen cyanide.
There is much evidence suggesting that hydrogen cyanide was important in prebiotic synthesis. Here we discuss the relevant aqueous solution chemistry, since we believe it to be pertinent to prebioticExpand
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Synthesis of long prebiotic oligomers on mineral surfaces
MOST theories of the origin of biological organization assume that polymers with lengths in the range of 30–60 monomers are needed to make a genetic system viable1. But it has not proved possible toExpand
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Conditions for Purine Synthesis: Did Prebiotic Synthesis Occur at Low Temperatures?
The rate of polymerization of hydrogen cyanide to aminomalononitrile and the tetramer, diaminomalonodinitrile, is quadratic in the total cyanide concentration. Since the reactions form part of aExpand
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HCN: A plausible source of purines, pyrimidines and amino acids on the primitive earth
SummaryDilute (0.1M) solutions of HCN condense to oligomers at pH 9.2. Hydrolysis of these oligomers yields 4,5-dihydroxypyrimidine, orotic acid, 5-hydroxyuracil, adenine,Expand
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HCN and chemical evolution: the possible role of cyano compounds in prebiotic synthesis.
Synthese et distribution de HCN. Autocondensation de HCN: obtention de nitriles ou de liants oligomeres. Role possible des composes cyano comme agents de condensation
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Montmorillonite-catalysed formation of RNA oligomers: the possible role of catalysis in the origins of life
  • J. Ferris
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  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B…
  • 29 October 2006
Large deposits of montmorillonite are present on the Earth today and it is believed to have been present at the time of the origin of life and has recently been detected on Mars. It is formed byExpand
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Titan haze: structure and properties of cyanoacetylene and cyanoacetylene-acetylene photopolymers.
The structure and morphological properties of polymers produced photochemically from the UV irradiation of cyanoacetylene and cyanoacetylene mixtures have been examined to evaluate their possibleExpand
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The photochemical formation of a titan haze analog. Structural analysis by x-ray photoelectron and infrared spectroscopy
The photochemical flow reactor (D.W. Clarke et al., 2000, Icarus 147, 282–291) has been modified to minimize the incorporation of oxygen and other impurities in the photoproducts. A mixture of gasesExpand
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Chemical Markers of Prebiotic Chemistry in Hydrothermal Systems
The goal of this chapter is to suggest some organic compounds which may be indicative of prebiotic processes in hydrothermal systems or laboratory simulations of them. While the exact processes whichExpand
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