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Water Activity in Selected High-Moisture Foods
The water activity, moisture, sodium chloride content, and pH of samples of 73 different selected types of Spanish high-moisture foods including meat, fish and dairy products, fruits, vegetables, andExpand
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Influence of vegetable and animal rennet on proteolysis during ripening in ewes' milk cheese
Abstract The renewed interest in using enzymes from thistles of the genus Cynara in the making of traditional ewes’ milk cheese prompted us to investigate the effect of vegetable and animal rennet onExpand
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Proteolysis in goats' milk cheese made with calf rennet and plant coagulant
Abstract Primary proteolysis, secondary proteolysis and changes in hydrophilic (HI) and hydrophobic (HO) peptides during ripening of a goats’ milk cheese (Murcia al Vino) manufactured with eitherExpand
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Influence of different amounts of vegetable coagulant from cardoon Cynara cardunculus and calf rennet on the proteolysis and sensory characteristics of cheeses made with sheep milk
Different amounts of powdered vegetable coagulant (PVC) obtained from Cynara cardunculus (normal amount=PVC; double the normal amount=2PVC) were compared with calf rennet in cheese made from sheepExpand
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Proteolysis during the ripening of goats' milk cheese made with plant coagulant or calf rennet
Abstract Powdered plant coagulant (PPC) obtained from the cardoon ( Cynara cardunculus ) was compared with calf rennet (CR) for the manufacture of goats’ milk cheese, by determining difference in theExpand
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Proteolysis, microbiology and sensory properties of ewes’ milk cheese produced with plant coagulant from cardoon Cynara cardunculus, calf rennet or a mixture thereof
Abstract Cheeses made from ewes’ milk by using calf rennet (CR) were compared with those produced with powdered plant coagulant (PPC) obtained from Cynara cardunculus or 50:50 mixture of PPC and CR,Expand
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Influence of animal and vegetable rennet on the physicochemical characteristics of Los Pedroches cheese during ripening
Abstract The effects of rennet type (animal or vegetable) on the physicochemical characteristics (moisture, fat, protein, lactose, lactic acid, NaCl, ash, water activity, pH and nitrogen fractions:Expand
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Proteolysis of Cabrales cheese and other European blue vein cheese varieties
The extent and level of proteolysis were evaluated in Cabrales and five other European blue vein cheese varieties, Bleu de Bresse, Danablu, Edelpilzkase, Gorgonzola and Roquefort, by analysing theirExpand
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Influence of the frozen storage on some characteristics of ripened Manchego-type cheese manufactured with a powdered vegetable coagulant and rennet
Abstract A study was made of the effect of freezing and nine months’ frozen storage on the chemical, microbiological and sensorial characteristics of fully ripened Manchego-type cheese. ChemicalExpand
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