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Sequential co-operative load transport in the seed-harvesting ant Messor barbarus
Summary: A mechanism for co-operative load transport was detected in the seed-harvesting ant Messor barbarus. Workers co-operated sequentially, transferring the load from one to another and thusExpand
The distribution and density of a lycaenid butterfly in relation to Lasius ants
SummaryLarvae and pupae of lycaenid butteflies are often associated with ants: this is usually a mutualism in which ants guard the lycaenids from natural enemies, and the lycaenid larvae and pupaeExpand
Water availability drives habitat quality for the butterfly Plebejus argus in a Mediterranean sand dune landscape
For terrestrial species, habitat is frequently defined as physical patches of a certain land cover type in a matrix of non-habitat. However, the appropriate definition of habitat quality requiresExpand