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Cenozoic Diatom Biostratigraphy of the Equatorial and Southern Atlantic Ocean
During DSDP Leg 39 (October 6-December 17, 1974) seven sites were drilled in the equatorial and southern Atlantic Ocean (Figure 1, Table 1). The theme was to obtain basement data as well as sedimentExpand
Diatom Phytoplankton Studies in the Southern Pacific Ocean, Composition and Correlation to the Antarctic Convergence and Its Paleoecological Significance
During Leg 35 of D/V Glomar Challenger from Callao, Peru to Ushuaia, Argentina, 2 February to 30 March 1974, surface water samples (4 m water depth) were collected in the southern part of the EastExpand
Late Quaternary paleoclimatic and paleoceanographic change over northern Chatham Rise, New Zealand
Four cores from the lower northwestern flank (3010–3726 m water depth) of the Chatham Rise, east of New Zealand, penetrated a post-glacial to last glacial sequence of mainly hemipelagic muds. AnExpand
Bay sedimentation as controlled by regional crustal behaviour, local tectonics and eustatic sea-level changes: Coquimbo Formation (Miocene–Pliocene), Bay of Tongoy, central Chile
Abstract The north-facing Bay of Tongoy in central Chile is flanked by topographic highs in the west and east. During the Miocene and Pliocene, the bay extended inland at least 30 km farther southExpand
Biogenic Opal and Carbonate Accumulation Rates in the Subantarctic South Atlantic: The Late Neogene of Meteor Rise Site 704
A preliminary composite depth section was generated for Site 704 by splicing Holes 704A and 704B together over the interval 0-350 mbsf (0-9 m.y.). High-resolution carbonate and opal data from theExpand
Sedimentological processes in a scarp-controlled rocky shoreline to upper continental slope environment, as revealed by unusual sedimentary features in the Neogene Coquimbo Formation, north-central
Abstract Exceptionally good outcrops of Miocene to Pliocene deposits in the vicinity of submarine Paleozoic basement scarps at Carrizalillo, north of La Serena, reveal a wealth of sedimentaryExpand
The practically continuous, paleomagnetically dated late Gauss-Brunhes sediment profiles of ODP Sites 699 and 701, south of the present Polar Front Zone (PFZ), and Site 704, north of the present PFZ,Expand
Taxonomy, Stratigraphy, and Paleoceanographic Implications of Paleocene Diatoms
The taxonomy and stratigraphy of pelagic Paleocene diatoms from ODP Sites 698, 700, and 702 and DSDP Site 524 in the South Atlantic and DSDP Site 214 in the Indian Ocean are presented, as well asExpand
Neogene-quaternary coastal and offshore sedimentation in north central chile: record of sea-level changes and implications for andean tectonism
Abstract The stratigraphy, sedimentology, and paleontology of the Coquimbo Formation in a coastal section approximately 100 km north of La Serena was studied to establish relative low-order sea-levelExpand